Newly Diagnosed

If you have recently been told that you have chronic kidney disease (Renal Failure), then you should know that knowledge is your best tool in the fight against Renal Failure.  Renal Failure can create a difficult period in your life for you, your family and friends. An individual who knows what’s coming, what to watch out for and what treatment options are available if your kidneys totally fail, can make educated decisions about healthcare.

Your first line of education should come from your physician. Try and be an active participant in the tests and processes to assess your kidney function. These results will lead to classification (stage) and the type of kidney disease determination. Knowing the stage of the disease, along with the size of your kidneys and what damage is already done will greatly further your decision-making process in regards to treatment options.

Chronic Kidney Disease is frequently accompanied by several other well-known diseases. These diseases include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia. Your physician can help you determine if you have or are prone to developing these or other issues.

If you already know you suffer from diabetes, you will need to monitor your blood sugar, follow a specific diet and take medication as ordered by your physician. If you have high blood pressure, your physician may recommend you lose weight, cut down on salt in your diet and take your medication. Anemia (low blood count) can also lead to heart disease and may be controlled by medication. 

It is extremely important to work with your Care Team to manage your kidney disease. You Care Team includes your Physician, Dietitian, Social Worker and others, as needed.

Knowledge is the best tool in the treatment of chronic kidney disease. It allows you to better understand your disease, your treatment options and to assist you in making decisions about the quality of your life as you move forward.


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